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Application and Selection of Dust Fume Extractor

1. Understand the dust fume extractor

Industrial production will inevitably produce smoke and dust emissions. In the early stage of industrial development, due to the lack of reasonable control of smoke and dust, our current pollution is becoming more and more serious. Dust collectors are a type of equipment installed at the end of factory equipment, which can effectively reduce smoke and dust emissions. pollution brought about. The performance and efficiency of dust removal equipment determine the degree of dust purification and air pollution. Only by selecting the appropriate equipment can the working conditions be analyzed in a targeted manner, and the waste gas treatment can be carried out better, and the dust removal effect can be seen clearly.

The equipment that separates dust from flue gas is called dust fume extractor or dust removal equipment. The performance of the dust fume extractor is expressed by the amount of gas that can be handled, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust fume extractor, and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price, operation and maintenance costs, service life and difficulty of operation and management of the dust fume extractor are also important factors to consider its performance. Dust collectors are commonly used facilities in boilers and industrial production. The dust fume extractor is mainly composed of fan structural unit, sheet metal structural unit, filter cartridge filter structural unit, dust collection structural unit and other units; under the action of the fan, the dust generated by the equipment enters the dust fume extractor through the dust suction port, and first hits The spoiler in the middle of the air inlet acts as a spoiler for the incoming gas, slowing down the airflow. Due to the effect of gravity settling, the coarse particle dust in the gas directly falls into the ash hopper, which plays the role of pre-dust removal. After the dust particles with fine particle size and low density enter the dust filter chamber, the dust is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter material through the combined effects of Brownian diffusion and sieving. The purified clean gas enters the upper clean air chamber through the filter cartridge, and is collected by the fan and discharged from the exhaust port.

2. Application of dust fume extractor

Dust fume extractors are widely used in modern industrial production. The main function is to remove the exhausted smoke and dust through the filter chamber, so as to minimize the harm caused by the smoke of the process production products, and it is also a good protection for personnel.

3. Selection of dust fume extractor

The work of the dust fume extractor not only directly affects the reliable operation of the dust removal system, but also relates to the normal operation of the production system, the environmental sanitation of the workshop and surrounding residents, the wear and life of the fan blades, and also involves the recycling of economically valuable materials. Therefore, it is necessary to design, select and use the dust fume extractor correctly. When choosing a dust fume extractor, it is necessary to fully consider the primary investment and operating costs, such as dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, reliability, primary investment, floor area, maintenance management and other factors. According to the physical and chemical properties, characteristics and production process requirements of the dust, select a dust fume extractor in a targeted manner.