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Dust Solutions For Metal Processing

Have you ever worked in a metal processing plant, or do you own one? You should be aware of the hazardousindustrial dust produced by processes such as cutting, grinding, chip cleaning, smelting, and so on.The dust has anegative impact on the quality of the products as well as the workers' health. The dust must be dealt with immediately, or it will have major health consequences.To eliminate harmful industrial dust, you need a powerfuland stable industrial dust collector. Well discuss some products that can help you minimize industrial dust frommetal production here.

The possible damage of metal processing environment to worker’s health

The working environment in the metal processing industry can have a variety of negative effects on workers’ health. It can cause multiple diseases such as gastrointestinal and kidney dysfunction, skin lesions, vascular damage, nervous system disorders, cancer, anemia, to name a few. To safeguard the health of workers, the amount of dust in the environment should be reduced to a particular level.

Villo provides great dust solutions for metal processing.

If you’re having trouble dealing with the harmful dust produced by metal production and can’t seem to find a viable solution, Don’t worry. Villo has already done significant research and has developed unique solutions that are specifically suited for industrial dust removal. I’ve compiled a list of our top products for you to pick from, depending on your needs.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Laser cutting: VJF Series- Air pulse jet dust collector

In metal production, the laser cutting process is a hazardous procedure that releases substantial dust into the atmosphere. The VJF Series of Villo may be the finest solution for reducing laser cutting dust. It’s a multi-motor industrial dust collector with a big air volume, pulse jet filter cleaning, stability, and dependability. It may be used for sandblasting, packing, mixing, grinding, and a variety of other tasks. It’s a strong explosion-proof model with an activated carbon filter to keep your personnel safe in the workplace.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Metal Welding: VJFB Series- Industrial Explosion-proof dust collector

Dizziness, nausea, throat irritation, and kidney damage are just a few of the health issues linked with metal welding. The VJFB Series of industrial dust collector system from Villo may be used to minimize the amount of dust created during metal welding. It’s an explosion-proof industrial dust collector with a huge air volume, pulse jet cleaning, and other characteristics. It may be used in a variety of industries, including food processing, grain processing, aluminum powder grinding, powder metallurgy, and so on. If you purchase this product, you will notice a difference in the air quality at your workplace.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Metal grinding: VH-Z Series large airflow type central dust collector

Similarly, during the metal processing phase, unsafe levels of industrial dust are released, causing major health problems for workers. To properly handle industrial dust, you’ll need a reliable industrial dust collection system like Villo’s VH-Z Series. The VH-Z series is a strong industrial dust collector that can handle a significant amount of air. It has a pulse jet self-cleaning filter system and filter cartridges that are installed vertically. It’s ideal for procedures like polishing, welding smoke purification, CCL operation, and the processing of ceramic raw embryos.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Metal chips cleaning: VTS Series- Basic compact and Economical Vacuum cleaner.

Villo devised the VTS series to help you deal with industrial dust from metal chip cleaning. The VTS series includes single-phase and three-phase vacuum cleaners with high pressure, which are excellent for applications that need a small footprint, high accuracy, and continuous operation. In addition, it may be used for a variety of things, including denture polishing, machine cleaning, automobile interior cleaning, metal chip cleaning, and tiny metal processing.

Villo- An excellent industrial dust collector supplier

Villo is an excellent industrial dust collector supplier. It has been in the business since 2007. With years of experience, Villo is a leading industrial dust collector system manufacturer in china. Villo products have been sold all around the world. Some of our greatest strengths include:

  1. Super committed to research and development team

  2. Wide range of industrial equipment solutions

  3. Reliable supply chain

  4. High production capacity

  5. Hold multiple certifications

  6. Supply products all over the world

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