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How To Choose The Right Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The harm of industrial smoke to the human body

If workers are exposed to productive dust for a long time, inhale dust for a long time, the accumulation of dust in the lung will gradually increase, and pneumoconiosis can be caused when a certain amount of dust is reached. Therefore, it is necessary to equip industrial vacuum cleaner in the dust-dominated working environment.

Pneumoconiosis is one of the main hazards of productive dust to the human body. Long-term inhalation of free silica dust can cause silicosis. Besides, long-term inhalation of metallic dust such as manganese dust and beryllium dust can cause various metal lung diseases such as manganese lung and beryllium lung. Moreover, long-term inhalation of coal dust can cause coal lung.

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Long-term exposure to industrial dust can also cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. And it will cause skin and mucous membrane damage, rash, dermatitis and conjunctival damage. Inhalation of lime dust can cause nasal mucosa injury. Inhalation of fibrous dust such as wool and hemp can cause tracheitis and bronchitis. Exposure of the human body to asphalt dust in the sun can cause photosensitive dermatitis, conjunctivitis, and so on. Inhalation of harmful dust can also cause acute or chronic poisoning. For example, long-term inhalation of manganese dust in welding operations can cause manganese poisoning, and lead smelting operators are prone to lead poisoning.

What is an industrial dust vacuum cleaner?

The industrial dust vacuum cleaner is a kind of equipment used to collect waste, clean the environment,and filter and purify the air in industrial production. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner can absorb all kinds of metal, nonmetal, oil, water, and other particulate pollutants and liquids. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner can also absorb toxic and harmful gases. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner can improve the quality of products in the textile industry and recycle some expensive catalysts in the chemical industry. As environmental protection equipment, the industrial dust vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent some occupational hazards, such as welder pneumoconiosis.

Compared with household vacuum cleaners, industrial dust vacuum cleaners have the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction, large dust storage volume, long service life, high-temperature resistance, etc. In particular, industrial dust vacuum cleaners have almost no requirements for absorbents, and all kinds of materials and shapes of waste media can be absorbed. Through adjusting the filter media, such as filter elements and filter bags, solid particles with a precision of 0.1 microns can be absorbed. It can be used in fine chemical, precision machinery, and other industries.

What should we pay attention to when choosing an industrial dust vacuum cleaner?

  1. The industrial dust vacuum should be selected according to the type of dust. Whether the dust contains sparks, whether the generated smoke and dust are flammable and explosive are essential factors in considering industrial dust vacuum.

  2. In chemical plants, oil refineries, military enterprises, and other places, it is easy to produce toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive, or ultrafine dust. In this case, the explosion proof vacuum cleaner comes in handy. The explosion-proof industrial dust vacuum cleaner is not too sensitive to temperature, medium, pollutants, and conductivity. It is a suitable industrial dust vacuum cleaner where there are flammable and explosive gases, water vapor, and fine dust in the air, which can cause explosion or fire. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner is equipped with an explosion-proof motor, vacuum pump, anti-static filter, and dust hose. The equipment shell is equipped with a grounding device to eliminate the risk of air explosion caused by dust in the workplace.

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  1. The better way to deal with dust and smoke is to collect from the source to avoid the diffusion of polluting gas in the workshop. In more stations, it is suitable to adopt a centralized dust removal system to purify dust and smoke. The more dispersed stations can choose the single purification treatment with substantial flexibility.

  1. The suction arm is a kind of source collection method, flexible suction arm, rigid suction arm, retractable suction arm, extended suction arm, slide-type suction arm, etc. Different types of the suction arm can be used according to different working conditions.

  1. Consider the suction of industrial dust vacuum cleaner and pay attention to the parameter of air volume. The proper combination of suction and air volume can complete the dust removal operation entirely and efficiently.

  1. Once the staff work in a noisy workplace for a long time, it will affect their work efficiency and damage their hearing. Therefore, the noise parameters of the equipment should also be considered when choosing industrial dust vacuum cleaners.

Villo industrial dust vacuum cleaner involves various fields, like a floor, explosion proof, food, medicine, etc. Villo has developed diversified industrial dust vacuum cleaners for different needs. Multiple configurations are selected according to the site conditions, such as pneumatic, electric, high-efficiency filtration, manual back blowing, and pulse back blowing. Different shapes can be customized according to site requirements to meet customer needs.

Rlghtindustrial Vacuum Cleaner

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We are a comprehensive system solution provider to solve dust, particulate matter, and harmful gas produced in the production process that affects the safety of production, product quality, staff health, and environmental protection standards. We are also a competitive Industrial Company to replace imported dust removal equipment. We are the first enterprise in China to obtain German TÜV explosion-proof certification and Chinese explosion-proof certification. We are also one of the participants in the standardization of explosion-proof ventilation equipment in China.