Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc.

Technical Engineer

We need technical engineers with rich working experience, who are mainly responsible for pre-sales technical selection, program design, etc. It is required to be proficient in the use of office software such as SolidWorks, office, etc., and relevant work experience is preferred


Provide solution to customers.

Pre-sales and engineering installation phase of the project technical support.

Pre-sales technology selection

Program design

Tender production

Cost budget

Construction drawings

Participate in the guidance of site construction, equipment installation and commissioning

prepared to travel, within China as well as across borders.


Experience with similar work;

Attention to detail

Have team spirit

Proficient in using OFFICE, CAD, SOLIDWORKS and other office design software.

prepared to travel, within China as well as across borders.

Skilled in English.

Location: (Optional)

Building B3,#1 Junma Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Oberasbacher Str. 20, 90522 Oberasbach, Germany

New Jersey, USA (Pending)

If you are interested in VILLO and want to join our team, please email resume to

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