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The Reasons Why You Need An Industrial Dust Vacuum Cleaner

What is an industrial dust vacuum cleaner?

The industrial dust vacuum cleaner is a kind of equipment used to collect waste, filter and purify the air, and clean the industrial production environment. The industrial dust collector can absorb all kinds of metallic, nonmetal chips, oil, water, and other particulate pollutants and liquids. It can also absorb toxic and harmful gases, which can effectively prevent the hazards of some occupational diseases, such as welder’s pneumoconiosis. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner can improve the quality of products in the textile industry, recycle some expensive catalysts in the chemical industry, and effectively deal with dust damage to the human body in the horizontal grinding industry.

Anindustrial Dust Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages of industrial dust vacuum cleaner

  1. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner has the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction, large dust storage volume, long service life, high-temperature resistance, etc. It has almost no requirements for the absorbent. It can absorb all kinds of materials and shapes of waste media.

  1. In terms of industrial dust vacuum cleaner design, various filters of different materials and different filtering structures and methods are selected, such as HEPA high-efficiency filter (the filtering accuracy can reach 0.01 ~ 0.3 μm). Besides, industrial dust vacuum cleaner adds a cyclone separator to improve the filtering effect, which greatly surpasses the filtering effect of commercial and household vacuum cleaners.

  2. The volume of industrial dust collector machine is generally larger than that of commercial and household vacuum cleaners. Considering the large capacity of garbage cleaning, the collection bin designed for the industrial dust vacuum cleaner is easy to move and dump.

    Why should we choose VILLO industrial dust vacuum cleaner?

    As one of the well-known dust removal equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, Villo integrates R&D, production, and sales. We continuously strive to provide the best quality dust removal equipment. There are various kinds of Villo industrial dust vacuum cleaners, and they have been developed for different needs:

    Anindustrial Dust Vacuum Cleaner

    1. Manual Cleaning Dust Collector:The dust in the filter cartridge can be cleaned better without removing the filter cartridge.

    2. Self-cleaning Dust Collector:The dust cleaning method adopts the structure of electric vibrating dust. The unique electric dust vibrating system can effectively move the reinforcing plate inside the filter cartridge to shake off the attached dust. The self-cleaning dust collector is economical, practical, and easy to operate.

    3. Pulse blow-back vacuum cleaner: Cleaning the dust of the filter cartridge using pulse blow-back feature.

    4. Two-stage filter type industrial dust vacuum cleaner: Two-stage filtration unit is adopted. The first stage filtration unit uses a polyester non-woven fabric filter cartridge or filter bag. The filtration accuracy of dust with 3.0μm particle size is more than 99%. The secondary filtration unit adopts TORAY polyester fiber filter paper imported from Japan, and the surface is covered with film. The filtration accuracy of dust with 0.3μm particle size is more than 99.9%.

    5. Explosion-proof Dust Collector: It is suitable for the working conditions requiring explosion-proof treatment.

    6. Industrial dust vacuum cleaner for food and medicine: Made up of SUS304. It has the benefits of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

    Anindustrial Dust Vacuum Cleaner

    Villo can solve the dust problem of single point working conditions and provide a complete solution for multi station dust removal. We can customize the dust removal equipment and design the industrial dust collection system according to customers’ needs.

    We have the best industrial vacuum cleaners. Villo industrial dust vacuum cleaner can effectively deal with dust and protect the health of workers. At the same time, we can avoid secondary pollution and provide a clean working environment for operators.

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