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Tips for Choosing the Industrial Ash Vacuum

Industrial vacuums are definitely not unfamiliar to everyone, and many people have used small household vacuums. But for the industrial ash vacuums used in factories, we have relatively little knowledge. So, how can we choose an industrial ash vacuum for our workshop?

How to choose the industrial ash vacuum?

Industrial ash vacuums are different from household ash vacuums in terms of usage. The workshop ash vacuum is mainly used on the factory floor to clean up waste such as liquid, dust, iron filings, stones and so on. Therefore, the industrial ash vacuums used generally have high power and strong adsorption. They are also equipped with a high-precision filtration system which can purify dust as much as possible, so as to achieve the goal of emitting clean air. As a result, many workshops are equipped with an industrial ash vacuum to quickly clean up industrial waste generated in daily production and maintain the cleanliness of the workshop.

Regarding the quality of industrial ash vacuums, different industrial dust collector manufacturers use different materials, and it is necessary to not only examine the shape and structure of industrial ash vacuums, but also determine whether they are made of stainless steel or iron spray paint. For the choice of electrical materials used in industrial ash vacuums, it is better to choose products from well-known brands. If the noise produced by the industrial ash vacuum during use is too loud, it is usually due to poor quality of the muffler or a defective motor.

The after-sales service provided by industrial ash vacuum manufacturers is generally reliable, and customers can be guaranteed in terms of product consultation and after-sales maintenance services. If you want to buy an industrial ash vacuum, you can use the above points to choose a high performance-price industrial ash vacuum.

Precautions for using the industrial ash vacuum

  • Different types and specifications of industrial ash vacuums have different structural performance and functional characteristics, so make sure to pay attention when selecting. Using industrial ash vacuums blindly can affect the life of the machine and may even cause safety issues. For example, dry ash vacuums should not be used to clean up water spills; in this case, a wet/dry ash vacuum should be used.

  • When using a dust vacuum machine, if there are large pieces of paper, plastic or something larger than the suction pipe, they should be removed beforehand, otherwise the suction pipe can become clogged.

  • When a lot of waste is found, timely cleaning of the accumulated dust on the filter is required to maintain good ventilation and avoid the blocking of the filter, which can cause a decrease in suction and motor heating and reduce the service life of the product.

  • After use, the industrial ash vacuum should be stored in a dry place. If it is stored in an excessively humid place, it will affect electrical insulation and usage life.

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