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Usage and Maintenance Methods of Three-phase Vacuum Cleaners

Understanding Three-Phase Vacuum Cleaner

In today's rapid industrialization, the dust generated in production has caused certain difficulties for the environment. Therefore, in recent years, to control the environment, more and more factories have begun to pay attention to dust treatment. Among so many cleaning equipment, because of its low industrial vacuum cleaner price and strong universality, industrial three-phase vacuum cleaners have been widely popularized, but have you used this industrial vacuum equipment correctly?

The Use and Maintenance of Three-Phase Vacuum Cleaner

  • Because the three-phase vacuum cleaner itself generates heat when running, in order to avoid machine failure due to overheating, industrial vacuum for dust should be used in an environment where the ambient temperature does not exceed 40℃, and try to ensure good ventilation without inhaling flammable and explosive objects and without flammable and corrosive gases in the environment air.

  • Different manufacturers, brands, and specifications of three-phase vacuum cleaners have different structural performance and functional characteristics. Therefore, before using industrial vacuum cleaners, we need to carefully read the instructions, avoid pitfalls, so as not to cause unnecessary damage and personal safety problems due to improper use.

  • Before using this type of industrial dust removal equipment, the plug needs to be connected with the ground wire to ensure electrical safety. Before use, confirm the length of time the industrial vacuum cleaner works. If it is a 220V carbon brush light industrial vacuum for dust, do not use it for more than 4 hours. After working continuously for four hours, rest for half an hour and then work. If there are special circumstances that require continuous work, do not exceed 8 hours of use time or rotate several motor wheels to achieve the effect of long-term continuous work, allowing the motor to have a rest time.

  • Before the dust removal work, make sure to fix the vacuum cleaner, press the brake of the wheel, prevent the machine from deviating during operation, then connect the hose and dust suction port. The hose should not be bent, folded, or otherwise obstructed, to avoid poor air intake.

  • Three-phase vacuum cleaners cannot suck up everything. If the garbage that needs to be cleaned contains long and large objects that can easily block in the scraper or hose, please manually remove them first, and then use the industrial dust vacuum cleaner to suck up the small things to avoid trouble.

  • If there is liquid to be sucked in the venue, please remove the industrial vacuum for dust filter and dust separator first before sucking. Otherwise, the liquid will get on the filter and dust separator, and in subsequent dust removal, the dust will adhere to the damp filter and dust separator, causing serious blockage. When filtering the air, the damp gas will be brought into the motor, causing a series of problems such as motor rusting.

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