Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc.

VILLO Completed A $50 Million Strategic Round

    China's largest and most complete manufacturer of dust removal equipment Villo Technology Inc. recently completed a $50 million strategic round of financing led by Shanghai Guohe Investment, with participation from Bridge Capital, Chip Capital, Honeycomb Capital, Centrin Capital's fund, Wu Yuefeng Science and Technology, Jintan Holdings, Shangao Investment Holdings, and other investment institutions and industrial capital.


    Interviewee A: Villo, as a highly competitive high-tech enterprise of explosion-proof dust collecting equipment,is one of the participants in the standardization of explosion-proof ventilation equipment in China. It is also the first enterprise in China to obtain TÜV ATEX explosion-proof certification in Germany and explosion-proof certification for the entire machine, as well as the first manufacturer of CQCEX explosion-proof conformity certificate for industry.


    After years of deep plowing, Villo's technological innovation attributes have been recognized by all walks of life, and has gradually created a "Villo standard" in the industry, which has become the world's leading provider of flammable and explosive dust control and collection technology. According to the interviewee A. At present, Huiluo technology has completed the domestic Dongguan, Changzhou, Suzhou, Changsha, Ningde and other places business layout, and has set up branches in Germany, the United States, opened a global sales business expansion.


    Villo has created the industry's well-known VILLO brand industrial vacuum cleaner, industrial dust collector, oil mist fume purifier and other three series of industrial dust removal equipment, widely used in lithium, photovoltaic, 3D printing, laser processing, food, chemical new materials, military industry and many other industries, to help customers achieve refined production and improve product yields. In the future, Huiluo products will be expanded to more industrial micro-nano explosion-proof dust removal scenarios. The customers served include CATL, BYD, Tesla, ACC and other well-known lithium industry customers.


    The global dust removal equipment market is anticipated to reach $7 billion this year and to expand at a CAGR of over 4% over the next decade. And since 2016, Villo's overall corporate revenue has increased at a compounded rate of 60% per year for six consecutive years. Despite the uncertainties induced by the pandemic and other reasons, Huiluo Technology's orders and shipments keep rising rapidly. Huiluo Technology, which has been recognized by worldwide leaders in the lithium and solar industries, has received more fast development prospects as a result of the rise of the new energy sector. Huilu Technology will continue to enhance investment in R&D and develop horizontally and vertically into further high-end manufacturing industries in the future.


    Villo will continue to expand its R&D team, push the updating and upgrading of the company's products, and accelerate the layout of the entire industrial chain of intelligent explosion-proof dust removal and global commercial expansion following the completion of this round of financing.


    Shanghai Guohe Capital is one of the first qualified private fund management organizations in China. It was founded in 2009 by Shanghai International Group, a financial holding platform of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Pudong Lujiazui Group, and Tonglian Payment, and has subsequently introduced Zijiang Group and other significant investors. Currently, Guohe Investment manages multiple funds with a total fund management scale of more than USD 1.4 billion.