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What is an Explosion-proof Dust Collector?

Dust explosion is the instantaneous oxidation reaction of suspended dust particles in the air contact with oxygen under specific conditions, which releases a large amount of heat and produces high temperature and high pressure phenomena. Any dust explosion must have these three conditions: ignition source, combustible fine dust, dust suspended in the air and reaches the explosive concentration limit range.

Understand the Explosion-proof Dust Collector

In places with explosion-proof requirements, there are also some industrial production processes that may cause combustion or explosion due to sparks or overheating. Explosion-proof dust collectors can be used to assist production or help clean.

If it is an explosion-proof dust collector for auxiliary production, the requirements for the vacuum cleaner are relatively high, such as whether the motor runs continuously for a long time, the filtration system cannot be blocked, whether to be explosion-proof, and whether the filtration system requires high precision, and the use of one machine and multiple ports have different requirements. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to choose a professional industrial explosion-proof dust collector. Industrial vacuum cleaners cannot solve most industrial use problems with just a few models. Instead, they should choose models that are more suitable for solving current problems according to different industries and production conditions. And if it is a general cleaning vacuum cleaner, the requirements for the machine are not high, and generally a small vacuum cleaner can do the job.

Key Components of Explosion-proof Dust Collector

There are two key components in the composition of explosion-proof dust collector, which are the motor and the filtration system. The motor ensures that the vacuum cleaner has basic performance, and the filtration system ensures that the vacuum cleaner has suitable working performance. With a suitable motor, the vacuum cleaner can work normally, but if the filtration system is not good, it cannot solve practical work problems, such as frequent filter blockage, poor vibration system dust removal effect, and insufficient filtration accuracy of the filter. In addition, if the filtration system's accuracy is not sufficient, it will cause dust to enter the motor, causing certain damage to the motor, and in serious cases, it will burn out the motor.

If the filtration system of the explosion-proof dust collector is good, but the motor selection is incorrect, it still cannot solve practical work problems, such as series-excited motors running continuously and overheating and burning out, and the emphasis on the air volume and suction data of vortex fans, Roots fans, centrifugal fans is different. The matching vacuum cleaners are also used to solve different problems. Of course, in some operating conditions where electrostatic spark and static electricity need to be prevented, many customers will also choose pneumatic vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner uses compressed air as power and can work continuously for 24 hours. It has been widely used in some special occasions.