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What Makes Villo Industrial Dust Collector System Superior?

The industrial dust collector system is a machine designed to control pollution and debris in the air in workspaces such as factories, garages, plants, warehouses, and other settings of the commercial and industrial domain. It works by drawing in noxious waste and contaminants through an intake, from where it passes through a filter. The filter’s purpose is to block as much of the dust, debris, and particles as possible, passing out only purified, clean air, which is ultimately discharged out through an outlet back into the room or workspace.

How to Select the Ideal Industrial Dust Collector System?

Each dust collector system has some generalized parameters that determine its quality and efficiency. Above and beyond, these parameters should be optimized for maximum output from the machine within an ideal dust collector system. Let’s have a look at some of these parameters:

One parameter in consideration is the number of cubic feet per meter of airflow or CFM of airflow. A good dust collector should have at least 1000 CFM airflow for dust collection in ample space, while 650 CFM is the bare minimum for a region as small as a shop. For air velocity in terms of FPM, engineers recommend no less than an air velocity of 4,000 FPM in branch lines.

Moreover, parameters such as system power, the power of the system motor, storage capacity for dust and particles, minimum particle size that gets filtered by the unit, noise generated and the temperature, moisture content, and possibility of combustion of the dust being collected are notable for being considered to understand the efficiency of the dust collector system.

Villo Industrial Dust Collector System

How to Choose an Industrial Dust Collector System Supplier?

For any industrial dust collection system supplier, one must consider that the supplier manufactures the dust collector with the parameters in line with the minimum criteria and the buyer’s requirements. Engineers have certified specific metrics that determine the efficiency of the industrial dust collector system. If these metrics are not present accordingly, then the industrial dust collector system from the supplier may prove to be inefficient.

Furthermore, industrial dust collectors come in certain variations, including baghouse dust collectors, shaker dust collectors, pulse jet dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, and pressure dust collectors. Hence, you can choose the type that is most suited to your requirements.

What Makes Villo Industrial Dust Collector System Superior?

Villo is a manufacturer that makes its industrial dust collector system designs based on the specifications presented by engineers and their metrics. Villo's industrial dust collector models supersede the bare minimum of critical parameters that determine the dust collector system’s efficiency. For instance, the company knows that the bare minimum CFM of airflow required for a dust collector is 1000, adequate for an industrial or commercial setting. Keeping that in mind, all of Villo's VJFG series of pressure industrial dust collection systems have a moderate to high range, in between 882 and 12000 CFM of airflow, suited to meet various requirements.

Villo Industrial Dust Collector System

VJFG Series Moderate-High Pressure Dust Collector

One of the company’s products – the VJFG Series Moderate-high Pressure Dust Collector – remains the most successful model, applicable to PCBs (printed circuit boards) cutting, denture grinding, and other processes requiring high-pressure working conditions. The VJFG series of industrial dust collector systems are stable, reliable, and highly optimized for dust collection in an industrial setting and are customizable to a great extent as well.

At the same time, some unique and excelling features of this VJFG series moderate-high pressure dust collector involve large air volume, compact design for flexible placement while saving floor space, excellent material that gives dust collection efficiency of up to 99.9% at 0.3 microns, pulse jet filter cleaning, and lastly, real-time monitoring of pressure variations.

In addition, a pressure indicator light, negative pressure detector, stainless steel version, explosion-proof version, activated carbon filter, converter, silencer, customizable collection box, air-speed sensor, and temperature sensor are the components and elements that can be added, depending on the customer’s demand, to the industrial dust collector system for it to get customized.

Villo Industrial Dust Collector System

Final Words

The industrial dust collector system is an excellent component to add to your workspace to make it more employee-friendly. Meanwhile, Villo is one of the best and leading industrial dust collector manufacturers in the market that can provide you with the most efficient and explosion-proof dust removal equipment for your company. We have been a certified master of dust control since 2007. We have excelled in researching, developing, marketing, and servicing the smart and intelligent industrial dust collector system. What’s more, Villo primarily focuses on clients in the industry and commercial domain, both in China and internationally. If you wish to have a closer look at the products, contact us to learn more.