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VILLO is a leading global provider of industrial dust control solution and explosion protection system.
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VILLO engaged in the research & development, marketing, and service of intelligent industrial (explosion-proof) dust removal equipment. VILLO leading the industry of environmental protection and safety equipment.
VILLO is one of the best industrial dust collector manufacturers based in China. With many years of experience in the industry, Villo has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality and reliable industrial dust collection solutions to customers worldwide. VILLO's dust removal machine is used globally to benefit human health, increase performance and reduce energy consumption in a wide range of air filtration applications.
Industrial Dust Collector
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
An industrial dust vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning up large amounts of dust and debris in industrial settings, such as factories, construction sites, and workshops. This kind of flameproof vacuum cleaner typically has much more powerful motors and larger dust containers than regular vacuum cleaners, as they need to be able to handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks on a regular basis. They also often have specialized filters that can trap smaller particles of dust and other pollutants. ​VILLO's series of industrial vacuum cleaners cover the needs and applications for broad range of industries. They are powerful, compact and capable of vacuuming diverse range of substances and dust media for continuous operations.
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Industrial Explosion Protection
Explosion-proof explosion-venting equipment to ensure safe production and ensure that employees can work safely.
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Industrial Fume Extractor
VILLO's fume extractors are designed to remove fumes from welding to protect the environment.
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Special Functional Equipment
VILLO has 3 research & develop groups with more than 200 professional engineers, providing customized service in special machines for different industries. Such as the Lithium-ion electrode chip compressor, Powder sprayer, pre-separator, etc.
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VILLO offers a broad range of dust removal equipment designed for different industries, Li-ion battery industry, solar photovoltaic industry, 3D printing, woodworking, electronics industry, chemical industry, food & pharmaceutical industry, etc. Here you can find some of our customers' common pain points and explore the right options for you. 

Industrial Dust Removal In Li- ion Battery Industry
Lithium-ion battery manufacturing has made significant progress in recent years and has become increasingly important in various emerging markets, such as renewable energy and electric or hybrid automobiles.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Solar Photovoltaic Industry
In the process of panel manufacturing, dust may enter the panel and be encapsulated in the product, which will affect the trafficability of sunlight, and then lead to the power generation efficiency of solar panels cannot meet the standard.
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Industrial Dust Remover In 3D Printing Industry
Today, the 3D printed products are used everywhere from prosthetics to aircraft and architectural scale models, with new possibilities evolving constantly.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Wood Working Industry
Woodworking industry has always caused dust problems that cannot be ignored. While the process involved in woodworking can release particles in the air, which can harm workers, machines and product sustainability.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Food & Beverage Industry
Dust produced during the manufacturing and processing food products create a number of significant challenges. Food dust particles varies in size, and some are so fine that they are not visible to the naked eye.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Metal Processing Industry
An industrial vacuum cleaner can provide an effective solution to metal chips dust produces during the manufacturing metal process.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Electronic Industry
PCB drilling, PCB routing, V-cutting, central cleaning are common working conditions in the electronics industry, and often need to cooperate with dust collectors to remove dust.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Chemical Industry
Villo have a complete set of dust removal solutions for the chemical industry, such as chemical vacuum cleaner for mixer and chemical fume extractor for chemical gas.
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Industrial Dust Remover In Pharmaceutical Industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, a large amount of dust will be generated whether it is the production or packaging process, or the cleaning of the production environment.
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Dongguan Villo Technology Inc., engaged in the R & D, sales and service of intelligent industrial explosion-proof dust removal solution.


With German TÜV ATEX certificate and the Chinese CNAS certificate.


The main industries we are serving: lithium-ion battery, 3D printing, photovoltaic, etc.


Main products: industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collector (or collection system), welding fume extractor and explosion-proof valves and quench. 


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Founded: 2007

VILLO was established in 2007 with more than 15 years of industry experience

China's industry leader

Global headquarters: Dongguan, China

Manufacturing sites: 2 (Total 75,000 square meters)

Number of R&D centres: 3 (more than 200 engineers, and still hiring)

Number of employees worldwide: 1100

Net sales(2022): $92.3Millions 


VILLO has obtained  ATEX, CE, ISO and other internationally recognized certificates

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