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Industrial Dust Cleaning Equipment in VILLO

VILLO is a leading global industrial dust extraction solution provider.

We offer a wide range of innovative dust extractors and extraction systems, including industrial dust collector (dust collection system), industrial vacuum machine for cleaner, industrial fume extractor, industrial explosion protection products.


Villo's industrial dust collection system for sale exhibit superior potency, robustness, and effectiveness in comparison to standard household vacuum cleaners. They find application across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and more. Our industrial dust cleaning equipment is varied in many types and are meticulously designed to tackle a spectrum of cleaning duties.

Why we need a industrial dust filter equipment?


Combustible and hazardous dust in manufacturing environments has always been one of the major threats for Safety managers.


Filters trap the dust and smoke gerenated in the industrial production, so that the air released into the environment does not become a risk to the health of the operator.

Environmental Protection

Air pollution control is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable deveopment.

Process requirement

In some industrial processes such as li-ion battery industry, the dust will seriously affect the product quality, so that dust control is process requirement.

Materials and Particles Removed By Industrial Dust Removal Equipment

Whether dust, chips, smoke, fine dust, particles, fumes - our extraction and industrial dust collection system for sale provide excellent filtration results, offering all the benefits of a suitable extraction process to ensure ultimate occupational safety, clean machinery and plant air, optimum perating performance, and sound environmental practices. Find out more about performing a dust analysis - just one of our many services. If you want to experience more services about our industrial dust cleaning equipment, you can contact us through the following form, we will give you specific information.


From Wood working likes sawing, CNC router machine, Drilling working conditions.

Welding fumes

 From Laser welding, Metal welding working conditions.

Gound dust

Used for daily cleaning in the factory, work shop.

Grinding dust

During food production, dust will be spilled during the feeding process

FAQs about Industrial Dust Cleaning Equipment

What is industrial dust cleaning equipment?

Industrial dust cleaning equipment, or industrial vacuum systems for dust refer to machinery designed to remove dust and other airborne particles from industrial settings. These devices include vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, air filtration systems, and scrubbers.

What factors should be considered when selecting industrial dust vacuum machine?

Key factors to consider include the type and volume of dust generated, the size and layout of the facility, regulatory requirements, energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and budget constraints.

How can I determine the right size of industrial dust cleaning equipment for my facility?

Contact and Consult with Villo. This can help you assess your facility's dust generation rate, airflow requirements, space constraints, and other factors to determine the most suitable size and type of industrial dust cleaning machine.

Can industrial dust cleaning equipment be customized for specific applications?

Yes, Villo offers customizable options for you to tailor industrial vacuum systems for dust to specific industry requirements, such as size, capacity, filtration efficiency, and integration with existing systems.

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Industrial Dust Removal Equipment Solutions

VILLO has many years of experience in dust removal, especially in woodworking, metal processing, lithium battery production, floor grinding and other fields.


Such as sawing machine, Drilling machine, edge banding, sanding machine.

Metal processing
Metal processing
Metal processing

Such as Laser cutting, metal welding, metal grinding, metal chips cleaning.

Li-ion battery production
Li-ion battery production
Li-ion battery production

Dust generated during lithium battery production can be cleaned up

Floor grinding
Floor grinding
Floor grinding

Special for concrete floor grinding cleaning

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