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Spark Detection And Extinguishing System

Spark Detection And Extinguishing System

spark detection and extinguishing system

Fires and explosions are often caused by sparks in industrial production, resulting in significant loss of life and property. During the production or handling of flammable materials, fires and explosions are often generated on air ducts, cloth bags, sanding, planers, drying, hoppers and screw conveyors. The sparks that cause most fires are most likely to be generated during automated production processes and the transport of dust.

As an active fire and explosion protection device, the Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is the best solution to the above safety problems, which can detect and extinguish sparks in process equipment or pipelines in time to eliminate potential fires and explosions Danger.

Working Principle Of Spark Guard Industrial Safety Accessory

Spray the mouth for 3 seconds, enough time to extinguish the burning particles. The monitoring station is composed of a spark detector for monitoring in the downstream direction of the fire extinguishing assembly; when the spark is not extinguished, an alarm will be triggered to stop the fan and/or close the air duct valve.

Detail of Spark Guard

  • explosion isolation flap valve
  • flameless venting
  • explosion isolation flap valve 1
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