Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc.

About Us

Dongguan Villo Technology Inc., engaged in the R & D, sales and service of intelligent industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment. It is a comprehensive system solution provider that solves the dust, particles, and harmful gases generated in the production process that affect production safety, product quality, employee health, and environmental protection standards. The first company in China to obtain the German TÜV ATEX explosion-proof certification and the Chinese EX explosion-proof certification. It is the first listed company of domestic industrial explosion-proof intelligent dust removal equipment and one of the participants in the formulation of domestic explosion-proof ventilation equipment standardization.

The intelligent dust explosion-proof dust removal system from VILLO is widely used in new energy, lithium battery, laser, metal 3D printing, food and pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial production fields. It's the most competitive manufacturer of dust removal equipment.

Main products: industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collector (or collection system), welding fume extractor and explosion-proof valves and quench.