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Metal Baler For Waste Collected From Battery Manufacturing

Metal Baler For Waste Collected From Battery Manufacturing

metal baler for waste collected from battery manufacturing
metal baler for waste collected from battery manufacturing

VCY-DGYS-T-800-CE is a metal baler for waste collected developed by our company in combination with the requirements of the pole piece production process. It is used for lithium battery production, collecting and compressing the corner waste generated when the pole piece is cut. It has the characteristics of intelligent control, convenient collection and large compression ratio, which greatly reduces the manual cleaning time and the secondary dust pollution of the workshop during cleaning. It is the most effective and reliable method for the disposal of pole piece waste in the lithium battery industry.

This machine is suitable for die-cutting and pre-slitting operations of pole piece forming machines. It collects and compresses the scraps produced by the cathode/anode, and separates the gas and solid of the treated material. After processing, it meets the indoor environmental emission standards.

Working principle of the VCY Series:

1. The scrap and dust get sucked into the machine, the scrap falls into the compression chamber, the dust/fume moves forward to the filter cartridge chamber.

2. The scrap gets compressed in the compression chamber and will be pushed out by the discharge port when reaching a certain capacity.

3. The dust/fume through two-stage filtration, filter cartridge first, then the HEPA filter, to reach the emission level.

Parameters of Metal Baler For Waste Collected From Battery Manufacturing



Power (V/Hz)


Total power (KW)


Cutting parameters

Width: ≤50mm

Thickness: ≤100μm

Cutting speed: ≤90m/min

Quantity: ≤2 continuous or segmented

Air speed requirement of exhaust port (m/s)


Compressed air pressure (Mpa)


Noise (dB)


Inlet diameter (mm)

custom made

Number of filter cartridges (pcs)


Receiving interval time (H)


Dimensions (mm)


Diagram of compression effect

  • diagram of compression effect
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