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Explosion Isolation Valve

Explosion Isolation Valve

explosion isolation
explosion isolation flap valve
explosion isolation valve

Explosion Isolation Valve, Industrial safety accessory.

The explosion isolation is one of Villo explosion proof product to prevent explosions, protect property and save lives.

Parameters of Explosion Isolation Valve

Pressure loss


pred,max0.05MPa0.04 MPa0.03 MPa
Installation Distance2~7m3~7.5m5.5~8.5m4.5~8.5m
Dust speciesNon metallic dust:St1 and St2Non metallic dust:St1
metallic dust:St1
No corrosiveness, no viscosity, no friction.
Applicable technologyNegative pressure technology;

Working pressure not higher than one atmospheric pressure (0.1MPa);

Oxygen content is not higher than that in air (21%).

ReusabilityNot reusable
Product standardEN 16447-2014 Explosion isolation flap valves
Test ReportCertified by the third-party authority in China

Detail of Explosion Lsolation Valve

  • flameless venting 1
  • flameless venting
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