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Industrial Dust Collector In 3D Printing Industry

Industrial Dust Collector In 3D Printing Industry

Dust removal solutions in 3D Printing

3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology based on digital model file, using powder metal or plastic and other adhesive materials to construct objects by stacking and accumulating layer by layer. In the past, it was often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to make models, but now it is gradually used in the direct manufacturing of some products.


Solutions For 3d Printing Industry

Villo provides professional 3D print dust collection solutions for 3D printing industry. Depends on years of research and development, we have launched several series of 3D printer cleaner.

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Why Does Metal 3d Printing Need A 3d Print Vacuum Cleaner?

The metal 3D printer uses SLM technology. Selective Laser Melting technology is to control the laser beam, scan the powder material layer by layer in the material pool according to the cross-section profile, so as to make it melt and bond, and cast into metal parts.

When the product is manufactured, several cleaning steps must be performed to:

① Clean the molding room for the next production cycle

② Avoid cross contamination between two kinds of dust

③ Ensure product quality

④ Dust recovery

⑤ Ensure the safety of operators

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