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VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

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VJFCB Series is an explosion-proof industrial dust collector with high negative pressure, pulse jet cleaning, stable and small footprint. It meets the explosion-proof requirements for the flammable and explosive dust environment.

Engineered with precision and innovation, this series stands at the forefront of industrial safety measures, specifically designed to mitigate the risk of explosion hazards posed by combustible dust particles. With its high negative pressure capabilities and robust explosion-proof construction, the VJFCB series negative pressure dust collector ensures optimal containment and removal of potentially hazardous dust in environments such as flour mills, woodworking facilities, chemical plants, and more. Trust in the Villo's VJFCB series to deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and peace of mind in industrial dust collection.

Parameters of VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

Voltage (V/Hz)380   / 50
Power(kW) / (HP)1.5   / 2.02.2   / 3.03.0   / 4.04.0   / 5.55.5   / 7.57.5   / 105.5 /   7.57.5/   1011/1515 / 2022   / 30
Max air flow
    (m³/h) / (CFM)
188/110245/144285/168385/226432/254600/353432/254600/353900/5291100/6471940   / 1141
Max air pressure
    (mmH₂O) / (kPa)
1700   / 16.71800   / 17.71800   / 17.71800   / 17.71900   / 18.62000   / 19.61900   / 18.62000   / 19.62000/19.62000/19.62200   / 21.6
Filter efficiency99%
Filter area
    (m²) / (sq.ft)
Filter cleaning methodPulse   jet
Dia. air inlet
    (mm) / (in)
Ø   50 / 2Ø   50 / 2Ø   50 / 2Ø   50 / 2Ø   75 / 3Ø   75 / 3Ø   75 / 3Ø   75 / 3Ø   100 / 4Ø   100 / 4Ø   150 / 6
Dimension[L*W*H] (mm) / (in)850*780*1789/33.5*30.7*70.51020*830*1945/40.2*33*76.61850*1130*2025   / 72.8*44.5*79.71850*1130*2025   / 72.8*44.5*79.72000*1120*2055/78.7*44.1*80.92125*1180*2075/83.7*46.5*81.72180*1000*2200   / 85.8*39.4*86.6
It is normal that the current value may fluctuate in a small   range
    Voltage and frequency will affect the current value

Features of VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

  • Pulse jet cleaning method for the filter makes machine to work continuously. User can set the pulse frequency depending upon the requirements.

  • The filter material is polyester with PTFE coated, which can filter 99.9% dust at 0.3 microns.

  • Safety explosion venting membrane: to absorb the explosion wave in case of accident.

  • Explosion proof motor and electrical control box:guarantees the safe running of the machine. All of the electrical components are “Schneider” brand.

Detail of VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

  • flour mill dust collector
  • industrial cartridge dust collector
  • hvac dust collector
  • heavy duty dust collection system
  • industrial baghouse dust collectors
  • cement dust collector

Applications of VJFCB Series – High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector

  • An effective solution for machining processes such as laser welding,mixing, cutting, bagging, grinding, sand blasting, plexiglass processing, vibration screen, air conveying, packaging, etc.

  • VJFCB series negative pressure dust collector can be used in the following industries and situations:

    1. Flour Mills: This flour mill dust collector effectively captures combustible flour dust to prevent explosion hazards in milling operations.

    2. Woodworking Facilities: Removes sawdust and wood particles, reducing the risk of explosions in woodworking environments.

    3. Chemical Plants: The VJFCB series negative pressure dust collector can safely collect potentially explosive dust generated during chemical processing operations.

    4. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Ensures the safe removal of combustible dust from pharmaceutical production areas.

    5. Metalworking Shops: Villo's VJFCB series negative pressure dust collector can capture metal dust and particles to prevent ignition and minimize explosion risks.

    6. Food Processing Facilities: Helps maintain a safe working environment by collecting combustible dust from food processing operations.

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