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VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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VZF Series are heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners with high pressure, pulse jet cleaning device, very ideal for sucking/absorbing large mixed particles or chips in continuous applications or installed to centralized extraction systems.

Engineered for heavy-duty tasks, this pulse jet industrial vacuum cleaner stands tall in efficiency and reliability. With its robust design, it effortlessly tackles challenging debris, from fine dust to large particles, in diverse industrial settings. Equipped with advanced pulse jet technology, it ensures continuous operation without compromising suction power. The VZF Series heavy-duty jet extraction vacuum cleaner prioritizes safety and convenience with user-friendly controls and durable construction, making it a trusted choice for demanding environments. Elevate your cleaning standards with the VZF Series – where performance meets durability for unparalleled industrial cleanliness.

Parameters of VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Voltage(V / Hz)380 / 50
Power (kW) / (HP)2.2 / 3.03.0 / 4.04.0 / 5.55.5 / 7.57.5 / 10.0
Starting current (A)30406085100
Rated Current(A)5.67.2912.916.7
Max vacuum (mmH₂O) / (kPa)2000 / 19.62100/20.62200/21.62200/21.62300/22.6
Noise dB (A)72±274±275±276±278±2
Dia. air inlet (mm) / (in)Ø 50 / 2
Filter area(m²)/ (sq.ft)5.3 / 57
Filter efficiency>99%
Capacity of collection barrel (L) / (gal)100 / 26.4
Dimension [L*W*H]
(mm) / (in)
1350*670*1570 / 53.1*26.4*61.9
Weight(kg)/ (lb)150 / 330158 / 348165 / 366187 / 412190 / 419
It is normal that the current value may fluctuate in a small range
Voltage and frequency will affect the current value

Features of VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Customizable voltage

  • Power less than or equal to 2.2 kilowatts can be made into single phase.

  • Two filtration options to meet the requirements of different filtration accuracy.

  • Equipped with filter self-cleaning device for easy filter cleaning.

  • Maintenance free powerful turbine motor can work continuously for 24 hours.

  • Pressure gauge to detect filter clogging.

  • Easy dust container cleaning

Detail of VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Applications of VZF Series – Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suitable for three phase working conditions.

  • Suitable for continuous working and heavy dust with fine dust condition.

  • Industries: Metal Processing (grinding, cutting, drilling, sandblasting, etc.)

  • PCB (cutting, drilling, routing, etc.)

  • Machine Cleaning

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