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VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

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sawmill dust collection systems
sawmill dust collector
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industrial wood dust collection system

VFO Series is a central dust collection system. It has the characteristics of large air volume, stable structure and convenient cartridge installation and ejection mechanism. It is suitable to deal with the production and processing of a large amount of dust.

Why Choose Villo's VFO Series Industrial Powder Dust Collection Systems

Choosing Villo's VFO Series industrial saw dust collector system offers several advantages for industries with dust collection needs. Here are some compelling reasons to consider this system:

High Efficiency: The VFO Series industrial saw dust collection systems are designed for high-efficiency dust collection, ensuring that a significant percentage of airborne particles are captured and filtered. This promotes a cleaner and safer working environment.

Advanced Filtration Technology: Villo's VFO Series industrial wood dust collection system incorporates advanced filtration technologies to effectively capture and remove dust particles. This type of industrial wood dust collector ensures compliance with environmental regulations and enhances overall air quality in the workplace.

Technical Support and Service: Villo provides reliable technical support and service for its industrial dust extraction system. This ensures that industries using the VFO Series have access to assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance support when needed.

Cost-Effective Solution: The VFO Series Industrial dust collector system offers a cost-effective solution for industrial dust collection needs. Its efficiency, durability, and customizable configurations contribute to long-term cost savings for businesses.

Parameters of VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

ModelVFO 3-12VFO 3-24VFO 3-36VFO 3-48VFO 3-60VFO 3-72
Voltage (V/Hz)380 / 50
Air flow (m³/h) /(CFM)9000~15000 /
18000~30000 /
27000~45000 /
36000~60000 /
45000~75000 /
54000~90000 /
PowerCalculate the total pressure/static pressure according to the total resistance of the system, and then select the appropriate fan power
Filter area
(m²)/ ( sq.ft )
144 / 1550288 / 3100432 / 4650576 / 6200720 / 7750864 / 9300
Filter efficiency99%
Capacity of the dust container (L) / (gal)100 / 26.4 (1pcs)200 / 52.8 (2pcs)300 / 79.2 (pcs)400 / 105.6 (4pcs)500 / 132 (5pcs)600 / 158.4 (6pcs)
Noise dB (A)82±283±285±285±288±290±2
Filter cleaning methodpulse jet cleaning+holder on dust collecting box
Dimension (Excluding the Blower)
[L*W*H] (mm) / (in)
1120*1910*3100 /
2240*1910*3640 /
3360*1910*3640 /
4480*1910*3640 /
5600*1910*3640 /
6720*1910*3640 /
Weight (kg) / (lb)400 / 882800 / 17641200 / 26461600 / 35282000 / 44102400 / 5290
※  The air flow and Negative pressure can be calculated according to the actual condition, and then choose the bigger or more suitable power machine.

Features of VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

  • Modular combination structure   Only requires a small changes to the original equipment and piping systems,modular dust collector unit can achieve rapid expansion to increase productivity and expand production scale,reduce expansion cost.

  • Easy installation & ejection of declined insertion type filter, can reduce the time to replace the filter.

  • The filter material is polyester with PTFE coated, which can filter 99.9% dust at 0.3 microns.

  • Pulse jet cleaning method for the filter makes machine to work continuously. User can set the pulse frequency depending upon the requirements.

Detail of VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

  • cement dust collector
  • 2 hp industrial 5 micron dust collector
  • cement dust collection systems
  • 13 gallon industrial portable dust collector
  • industrial sawdust collection systems
  • industrial wood dust collector
  • industrial saw dust collector
  • industrial wood dust extraction systems
  • central machinery 1hp dust collector

Applications of VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System

VFO series industrial sawmill dust collection systems are suitable for wood working, grinding, cutting, feeding and other applications with a large amount of dust in the centralized multi-station dust collection system.

Sawmill Operations

The VFO Series industrial dust extraction system plays a pivotal role in sawmill dust collection systems by efficiently capturing and extracting wood dust generated during cutting, shaping, and milling processes. This heavy-duty dust collection system promotes a cleaner and safer working environment for sawmill workers.

Woodworking Workshops

Industrial wood dust extraction systems are essential in woodworking facilities where the processing of wood materials produces fine dust particles. The VFO Series industrial saw dust collector provides reliable and high-performance dust collection to enhance air quality and mitigate respiratory risks.

Particleboard and Plywood Manufacturing

The production of particleboard and plywood involves the cutting and processing of wood particles. The VFO Series sawmill dust collector is well-suited for these manufacturing settings, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety standards.

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