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5 Things You Need To Know About Industrial Fume Extractor

Industrial operations such as welding, grinding, spraying, and other processes exhaust harmful fumes. Industrial air pollution is a serious concern that needs to be addressed at the right time before it gets out of hand. There are many ways through which this can be done, and one popular way is using an industrial fume extractor. Are you familiar with industrial fume extractors? If not, then don’t worry, as this article will introduce an industrial fume extractor. The article will tell you five things you need to know about industrial fume extractors. So without any delay, let's get started.

What is an industrial fume extractor?

During the operations at any industry, different fumes are emitted (Such as manganese or hex chromium). These fumes are harmful to the health. The aim is to extract these harmful fumes from the working environment and to purify the air in order to get air quality to an acceptable range.

An industrial fume extractor is a high-efficiency air purifier that can remove industrial waste gas and dust. An industrial fume extractor is a complete package that contains a dust pipe, dust fan, filter unit, and circuit control elements.

Industrial Fume Extractor

The difference between exhaust fan and industrial fume extractor

Every one of us is familiar with an ordinary exhaust fan that is mostly used in our homes. When any contaminant, smoke, or dust enter the air in our homes, we turn on our exhaust fans, and they are immediately removed from the air. Normally exhaust fans are used in kitchens and bathrooms. But the other type of exhaust fan is an industrial fume extractor. Even though the purpose of both the fans are the same, but their mechanism and machinery are different. Industrial fume extractors also have a high capacity. The other difference is the location of operation, i.e., exhaust fans are placed near windows, and industrial fume extractors are placed near exhaust hoods.

How does industrial fume extractor work?

Now I will tell you about the exact work of an industrial fume extractor. The fan of an industrial fume extractor uses a negative draft to pull fumes or dust particles to a contained filtration system. In this way, the contaminated particles are removed from the air. This type of industrial dust cleaning equipment is purified to provide a safe environment for the workers.

The suction head of the extraction unit is pointed few feet from the fume. The negative draft of the industrial fume extractor pulls the fume and removes it. The fume is collected by an industrial smoke extractor in a tray which should be emptied at regular intervals.

Which industries can industrial fume extractor be used in?

The industrial fume extractor is very versatile in applications, and they are used in industries and factories that produce highly toxic gases and dust. The following list contains some of the industries in which industrial fume extractors are used:

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Food processing industries

  • Tobacco industries

  • Machinery industries

  • Chemical industries

  • Photoelectric industries

Electronic appliances industries

Industrial Fume Extractor

Villo industrial fume extractor (VHJ-110B)

Since you have an adequate understanding of the industrial fume extractor, let me introduce you to Villo's welding fume extractor (VHJ-110B). VHJ-110B is a high-efficiency welding fume extractor with a 3-stage filter system. The efficiency of VHJ-110B is 99.9% at 0.3 microns with 3 stage filtration system. The welding fume extractor is designed for industrial applications, such as welding of all types, including manual arc welding, argon arc welding, gas-shielded arc welding, etc., grinding, cutting, and many more.

Welding fume extractor VHJ-110B is designed to meet the special requirement of your industry. You can expect the following benefits from our industrial fume collector:

1.Health and safety

When hazardous fumes (such as acetaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, isocyanate, etc.)are removed from the air, the safety of the workers is ensured with the help of a vacuum fume extractor.

2.Environmental commitment

Air pollution due to industrial fumes is significantly reduced with the help of industrial fume extractors. The air quality needs to meet national and international environmental standards.

3.Better working environment

The harmful fumes make it very hard to work for the workers. The atmosphere of the industry should be improved to provide a better working environment by the use of industrial fume extraction system.

Industrial Fume Extractor


Villo is an experienced vacuum fume extractor and other industrial equipment. Our experienced research and development team specializes in developing premium quality industrial products. Our products are trusted by leading industries. Contact us and let us know about your requirements, we will devise the most creative vacuum fume extractor solution for you.

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