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About Dust Collection Systems

Dust are largely produced by factories, especially by those in the manufacturing industries like metal processing industry, woodworking industry, floor grinding industry, etc. Those factories are required to meet the environmental standards before dust coming out. Also, studies have shown that people who work in the dusty factories are exposed to a higher risk of various health problems such as irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever, asthma attacks.

In view of that, many enterprises will choose industrial dust collection systems not only to protect environment but also ensure their workers’ health.

Dust Collection Systems

Of course, different industries require different dust removers. In this article, we are going to compare the industrial dust collector (take VILLO VJF Series-Air Pulse Jet Cleaning Dust Collector for example) with the industrial dust vacuum (take VILLO VZF Series-Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for example). Hopefully, you will have a clear idea of what you need for your business in the end.

Similarities Between Industrial Dust Collector and Industrial Dust Vacuum

Before we discuss what differences these two machines have, let’s take a quick look at what they have in common.

Villo dust collector and industrial dust vacuum are modern environmental protection equipment to clean up the waste in workshop or workplace and improve air quality. They are built to meet the standards of dust emission. Also, since they are for industrial use, they are equipped with large air volume and air pulse jet cleaning system. Stability, reliability, and high efficiency are what Villo dust collector and industrial dust vacuum are proud of.

Both Villo dust collector and industrial dust vacuum have the function of automatic ash cleaning. When there is more and more dust on the outer surface of the filter barrel, the machine will automatically clean the dust online according to the system settings.

Differences between Industrial Dust Collector and Industrial Dust Vacuum

  • Product structure

Industrial dust collector is generally composed of a motor, fan, filter, oil-water separator and pulse control system. Among them, the fan is to ensure the reasonable air volume and negative pressure of the machine; the filtration efficiency of the filter cartridge for dust can reach 99%; and the oil-water separator is to ensure that the air to the filter barrel is dry and free of impurities.

Industrial dust vacuum consists of a motor, fan, pulse control system, filter cartridge, pressure relief valve and patented dust collection bucket. Among them, the pressure relief valve is to prevent the motor from burning out due to overheating caused by the dust vacuum blockage; the patented dust collection bucket is very practical for the occasions requiring continuous operation and small amount of dust is generated.

Dust Collection Systems

  • Filtration process

When the dust enters the industrial dust vacuum through the air inlet, large particles directly sink to the bottom of the dust-collecting pail after the filtering chamber. This is due to the sudden expansion of the airflow section and the pail wall. As for the small granules, they are on the surface of the filtering chamber then being pushed to the dust-collecting pail because of its dust collection system. Then we have purified air discharged into the workshop from the outlet.

Unlike an industrial dust vacuum, an industrial dust collector is equipped with a spoiler on the vent to slow down the airflow. Due to gravity, large particles directly fall into the ash hopper, which serves as a pre-removal of the dust. Small dust is attached to the surface of the filtering material. Then we have clean air discharged from the chimney.

Dust Collection Systems

  • Application

An industrial dust collector is an ideal option for small particles and floating dust removal. It applies to grinding, sandblasting, mixing, packaging, vibration screen, material crushing, and other operations that cause the general superfine dust.

An industrial dust vacuum is very suitable for sucking and absorbing large mixed particles or chips in continuous working situation or centralized extraction systems. This machine is widely used in Metal Processing (grinding, cutting, drilling, sandblasting, etc.), PCB (cutting, drilling, routing, etc.), and Machine Cleaning.

Dust Collection Systems


The above is a brief introduction to different types of Villo industrial dust collection systems. If you have any questions about industrial dust collection systems, you are welcome to consult us.

We, Villo Vacuum, are a professional industrial dust collector manufacturer and our products have won unanimous praise from our clients worldwide. We are always focused on the needs of clients, providing the most competitive dust collection solutions.

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