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How does a flameless venting protect your staff & equipment from explosion?

Combustible dust is a prevalent cause of fire and explosion, resulting in severe injuries and damage to personnel and equipment.

Flameless venting device is widely acknowledged as a cost-effective and highly favored method for explosion protection, both indoors and outdoors. Here's how it works:


- Flame Arresting: During the initial stage of an explosion, the explosion vent cover opens, allowing burnt and unburnt dust as well as flames to enter the flame arrestor element. This prevents any flame from escaping, ensuring a safe operating environment for personnel while eliminating the possibility of secondary ignition or subsequent explosions outside the protected equipment.

- Dust Retention: The process product is retained, preventing potentially toxic substances from entering the environment.

- Pressure Retention: It absorbs peak explosion pressure, safeguarding personnel and the surrounding environment from pressure blasts.

- Temperature Control: Energy dissipation within the element prevents flame propagation beyond it by reducing the burning fuel below its ignition temperature.

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