Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc.

Project Engineer

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1.        Assisted Villo Germany Oberasbach branch "establish project management workflow and system".

2.        Plan and implement new projects.

3.        Support of daily business, directly involved in project work.

4.        Identify and evaluate project risks, provide preventive and countermeasures.

5.        Ensure the integrity of project execution and meet customer quality requirements.

6.        Responsible for translation work and domain-specific documents (German and Chinese).

7.        Assist in communication between suppliers and Villo team.


Skills and Qualifications:

1.        A degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or similar.

2.        Proficient in Microsoft Office.

3.        Familiarity with various tools and project work levels

4.        Good organizational skills, serious and responsible work, well-organized, and technical affinity.

5.        We are very impressed by your cheerful, friendly attitude and fluent communication skills in German and Chinese.

Location: (Optional)

Building B3,#1 Junma Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Oberasbacher Str. 20, 90522 Oberasbach, Germany

New Jersey, USA (Pending)

If you are interested in VILLO and want to join our team, please email resume to

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