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The Importance of Industrial Fume Extraction System

If you are a company that is in any way involved in bonding, grinding, painting, or altering materials, you will generate dust and fumes that may be harmful to your employees. Dust and fumes are among the main causes of health problems in industrial workplaces. Installing the correct industrial fume extraction system is not only important for compliance with workplace regulations, but also for ensuring the safety of your employees.

What is an industrial fume extraction system?

An industrial fume extraction system removes any harmful airborne substances from the workplace, which may be a direct cause of any lung and breathing problems experienced by anyone exposed to them. Depending on the industry you are involved in, there are different types of industrial fume extraction systems: solvent and oil fume extraction, paint fume suction, welding area exhaust.

One of the main risks of using paint fumes and solvents is that different people have different tolerances and reactions to them. Exposure to different solvents in the workplace can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Similar to solvents, paint fumes can also be toxic and can cause serious harm to your employees if exposed for prolonged periods of time. It is crucial to incorporate the correct extraction system into your company for solvents and paint fumes. Solvent and paint fume extraction systems come with carbon extractors to capture harmful compounds.

Welding area fumes can cause a host of problems for anyone exposed to them. Welding area fumes can produce airborne gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other particles of metal oxide – this can lead to short-term health problems like pneumonia and more serious long-term issues like asthma and respiratory problems.

Why is an industrial fume extraction system so important?

An industrial fume extractor uses an internal fan to suck any smoke from the source into the enclosed filtration system. The pollutants are separated from the air and then discharged back into the workplace without any harmful substances. A variety of industrial processes and machine applications have drastically different requirements for efficient ventilation.

Local and international health and safety regulations (COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA) require any industry responsible for generating harmful airborne substances to provide appropriate ventilation and suction. An industrial fume extraction system circulates fresh air to the workplace and prevents any serious ongoing health problems. This improved employee health and well-being will increase their productivity and also prevent you from dealing with any compensation claims or legal proceedings resulting from hazardous workplace conditions.

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