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The Reasons Why You Choose Villo Industrial Fume Extractor

Production of welding fumes during welding process is one of the main factors that endanger the health of operators. Fine dust in submicron size can enter the alveoli, leading to chronic lung disease. When the operators carry out welding operations in an environment with poor ventilation and protection for a long time, they may be exposed to occupational hazards.

Some metals are prone to produce potentially harmful metal vapor in the welding process, which must be captured with an industrial fume extractor or a smoke exhauster. The metals that produce harmful suspended solids during welding are brass, tin, chromium, lead, manganese, nickel, zinc, etc. These suspended metallic particles can only be extracted with smoke exhauster. Welding without smoke exhaust will cause great harm to the health of workers.

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A large proportion of the world’s population spend most of their 24 hours in the workplace. Therefore, it is essential for the employers to ensure that their employees’ workplace is healthy, safe and comfortable. A healthy work environment is indispensable to the workers’ health and can improve the efficiency of all employees in the workplace. So we need smoke exhauster to protect the worker’s health.

An industrial fume extractor is a kind of purification equipment designed for collecting smoke generated in the process of welding and marking. It is especially suitable for electric arc welding, CO2 shielded welding, MAG welding, carbon arc gouging welding, gas cutting, special welding, and other smoke producing work environments. Smoke exhauster can effectively purify fine metallic particles suspended in the air, which are harmful to the human body. It has the features of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use, and a small floor area.

As one of the well-known dust removal equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, Villo integrates R&D, production, and sales. And Villo has always been committed to provide the best-in-class dust removal equipment.

Villo provides variety of industrial fume extraction systems. Villo has developed various industrial fume extractors according to different requirements, such as plate frame industrial fume extractors and filter cartridge industrial fume extractors.

The plate frame industrial fume extractor has multi-stage filtering units, and the filtering efficiency reaches 99.9%. The activated carbon filter of the plate frame industrial fume extractor can effectively remove the peculiar smell. With PWM speed regulation, the air volume of the purifier can be adjusted according to the dust situation.

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The filter cartridge industrial fume extractor is a highly efficient welding fume extractor with a self-cleaning system, ideal for fume and dust disposal in the welding workshop or other similar working conditions. The filter cartridge industrial fume extractor can be used in a work environment with a relatively large amount of dust. The filter cartridge can be cleaned using automatic pulse back-blowing feature. Additionally, with the universal suction arm, it can be bent and stay, which is convenient for customers to use.

Villo can solve the dust problem of single-point working conditions and has extensive experience in providing a complete solution for multi-station dust removal. According to customer needs, Villo can customize dust removal equipment and design a dust removal pipeline system.

Villo industrial fume extractor can effectively deal with dust, protect the health of workers, and avoid secondary pollution, to provide a clean working environment for operators.

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