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Top Applications Of Industrial Fume Extractor In Welding Workplace

Welding is a very hazardous process. The fumes released from welding can cause health problems and affect the quality of production. Resulting in low capacity, disturbances, health issues in the workers, and eventually decreased profit. If you own the welding workplace, then it is your moral obligation to invest in devices that could handle this harmful fume before it causes any damage. One such machine is the industrial fume extractor. In this article, I will discuss the top applications of Industrial fume extractors in the welding workplace. So, let’s get started.

The working environment and potential hazards of welding workplace

As previously stated, the air in a welding shop contains dangerous particles and fumes that are a by-product of the welding process. Metal fumes and ultraviolet (UV) radiation released in the welding process cause burns, electric shocks, cuts, injuries, eye damage, respiratory ailments, cancer, and a variety of other issues. Some other potential hazards of welding workplace include:

  1. Noise hazards

  2. Electric shock

  3. Asphyxiation risks

  4. Heat-related risks

  5. Fire and explosion

Industrial Fume Extractor

How does industrial fume extractor benefit the welding workplace?

An industrial fume extractor is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of the metal fabrication and cutting process. It can timely clean the environment, remove the hazardous fume and other dust particles from the air, and bring back the air quality to acceptable ranges. When the fume is dealt with timely, many risks can be minimized, and the quality of the product can be maximized. Let me summarize the benefits of industrial fume extractors:

  1. Reduce health effects

  2. Improve the quality of product

  3. Safe working environment workers

  4. Skyrocket the profit

Industrial Fume Extractor

How to choose the best industrial fume extractor supplier?

Choosing the best industrial fume extractor supplier can be a bit tricky, especially when you have no experience. But don’t worry as I am here for you. When choosing an industrial fume extractor supplier, you should keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. The company should have enough experience

  2. It should have a successful history in the production and distribution

  3. Don’t forget to check the customers’ feedbacks

  4. The company should have relevant certifications

I believe that Villo is the best industrial fume extractor supplier you can ever find. If you are going to trust me, do your research; I am sure you will reach the same conclusion.

Four Villo industrial fume extractors you can't miss

Villo manufactures a wide range of industrial vacuum extractors. In the following section, I will introduce only four of them. You will get an overview, and of course, you can view all our products on our website.

VHX Series- Multiple filtration type fume extractor

The VHX Series of welding fume extractors have a three-stage filtration system for maximum efficiency. It’s the perfect option for fume and dust extraction in the circuit board and electronic industry’s soldering processes. Some of its amazing features include:

  • Explosion-proof design

  • Self-cleaning version

  • Stainless steel version

  • Easy to use and requires less maintenance

VHT Series- filter cartridge type fume extractor

Next in the series, we have the VHT series, which are also high-efficiency welding fume extractors. It is designed to purify smoke in single-phase voltage working conditions. It is a very powerful industrial fume extractor with high capacity.

VH-T Series filter cartridge type fume extractor

The VH-T line of vacuum fume extractors includes self-cleaning technology. It’s perfect for removing fumes and dust from a welding shop or other similar industrial environment. It’s utilized for a variety of smoke extraction scenes, including welding, cutting, grinding, and smoke purification.

Industrial Fume Extractor

VH Series- Multiple filtration type fume extractor

Lastly, we have the VH series, and they are high-efficiency welding fume extractors with multiple filtration systems. It is an ideal choice for air purification of smoke and fumes in the laser and related processes. It is mostly used in smoky areas like low power laser welding, cutting, engraving, and many other applications. The device is easy to operate, and it also requires very little maintenance.


Villo specializes in industrial fume extraction equipment research & development, marketing, and servicing. We are a complete system solution supplier, ensuring production safety, product quality, and staff wellness throughout the process. Villo also has ISO9001 quality management system certification. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for high-quality products.

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