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Villo Expands ATEX Certified Line with VJFHB Dust Collector

Villo, a leading dust control solution and explosion protection system provider, recently has expanded its ATEX certified product line with VJFHB series dust collector.


VJFHB Series Dust Collector

Designed with cutting-edge technology, the VJFHB moderate pressure dust collector efficiently captures and filter dust particles (99.9% at 0.3 microns’ dust), minimizing the risk of fire or explosion.

It is applicable to various processes involved in the manufacturing of lithium batteries, including mixing, calendering, slitting, laser notching, winding, stacking, and tab welding, etc.busbar_welding.jpg



Villo ATEX certified product line


The Villo ATEX certified product line is specifically designed to ensure the safety of both staff and equipment in explosive atmospheres.


In addition to the VJFHB dust collector, this line includes the VZSB industrial vacuum cleaner, VJFGB dust collector, EIFV explosion isolation valve, and PFF explosion venting panel.

Each of these products plays a pivotal role in safeguarding personnel and equipment in areas where combustible gases, vapors, and dust particles could pose serious risks.


ATEX Certifications

ATEX, short for Atmosphères Explosibles, is a European Union directive designed to regulate equipment, protective systems, and components intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This comprehensive safety framework ensures that products meet stringent safety standards, reducing the risk of ignition or propagation of explosions in such environments.


The ATEX certifications awarded to Villo's products fall into different categories, each catering to distinct safety needs:


ATEX Equipment Certification (Directive 2014/34/EU): This certification ensures that equipment used in explosive atmospheres, such as the VZSB industrial vacuum cleaner and the VJFGB dust collector, is manufactured and designed to minimize the potential for explosions. These products are vital for maintaining cleanliness while preventing the accumulation of combustible particles that could trigger explosions.


ATEX Protective System Certification (Directive 2014/34/EU): Products like the EVFV explosion isolation valve and the PFF explosion venting panel fall into this category. They are designed to either contain or safely vent explosions, limiting their impact and preventing a chain reaction of events.


With a diverse range of ATEX certified products, Villo is committed to ensuring the safety of workforce and machinery in potentially explosive environments and thus produce dustless and safely.

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