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What are the application areas of single-phase vacuum cleaner and three-phase vacuum cleaner?

In addition to daily manual cleaning, industrial places also use some specific equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaners. Because industrial vacuum cleaners have higher suction power, higher power, and more objects than ordinary household vacuum cleaners, they can effectively clean heavier powder and iron filings, so the applicable field is not limited to factories and workshops. It also involves many application field.

1. Application field of single-phase vacuum cleaner

220V single-phase vacuum cleaners are generally used in some small workshops, commercial hotels, supermarkets, hotels, etc. Because the 220V industrial vacuum cleaner is a single-phase electricity, there is only one or two wires, so it cannot work continuously for a long time, and it is easy to get hot. It sounds like a 220V industrial vacuum cleaner is similar to a household vacuum cleaner, but why do manufacturers and salespeople say otherwise?

Single-phase vacuum cleaners and household vacuum cleaners are mainly because they are different except that the voltage is the same as 220V. In terms of parameters, the power, suction and air volume of industrial vacuum cleaners are much higher than those of household dust collectors; the volume is heavier; household vacuum cleaners only absorb dust, and generally cannot absorb other substances of garbage. In addition to absorbing dust, industrial single-phase vacuum cleaners can also absorb water, oil, and screws.

The biggest feature of the 220V single-phase vacuum cleaner is its versatility, which is not limited to industrial places. Both commercial and household use are possible. The single-phase vacuum cleaner has many applications, absorbs a lot of objects, and has a wide usage rate. It can be said to be its biggest advantage.

2. Application field of three-phase vacuum cleaner

The 380V industrial vacuum cleaner is a three-phase power supply, generally has 3-4 live wires, and can work continuously for a long time. Three-phase vacuum cleaners are suitable for some large factory workshops, road construction to absorb dust, etc. As long as it is 380V industrial electricity, it can be used, and the suction power is greater than that of 220V industrial vacuum cleaners, and the effect is more obvious.

380V three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners should be selected according to the actual environment when selecting models, for example: 380V explosion-proof and high-temperature vacuum cleaners are suitable for flammable and explosive places, such as petrochemical plants, chemical plants, metal forging plants, etc.; three-phase vacuum cleaners Special vacuum cleaners are custom-made or suitable for some places with large volume and light weight, such as: special equipment for absorbing fluff, powder and other substances in textile factories; three-phase vacuum cleaners have large power parameters and special requirements, and 380V large vacuum cleaners are suitable. High-power industrial vacuum cleaners, such as: cement plants, chemical plants, food plants, machinery plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

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