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What Are the Characteristics and Reasons for the Use of Industrial Explosion-proof Dust Collectors?

Ⅰ. Understand the industrial explosion-proof dust collector

Speaking of industrial vacuum cleaners, it is one of the most common devices on the market that everyone knows. Industrial vacuum cleaners can fully purify the air and improve the air quality of industrial emissions; and can absorb chemical dust substances, which can greatly reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. Of course, these are the basic functions of industrial vacuum cleaners. There is also an industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner that may not be familiar to everyone, but it actually works very well and can effectively prevent industrial explosions. The equipment and use of industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more widespread. So, what kind of environment must be equipped with industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners?

Ⅱ. Reasons for using industrial explosion-proof dust collectors

We believe everyone has heard of explosions in ports and warehouses. One explosion triggered a second large-scale explosion, which may cost countless lives and cause huge economic losses. In fact, this is also a reminder that industrial production must do a good job in explosion-proof work. At present, many enterprises attach great importance to explosion-proof work. For all kinds of production enterprises, it is necessary to create a safer and cleaner working environment by using industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners. As one of the leading industrial dust collector manufacturers, we can provide you with professional industrial dust removal equipment production, which can be applied to the actual needs of different customers, and professional production research and development experience, professional designers can tailor professional equipment for you according to the actual production needs of customers, and it is easier to achieve Environmental standards.

Ⅲ. What are the characteristics of industrial explosion-proof dust collectors?

1. The pneumatic explosion proof dust collector does not need a power source, and is powered by compressed air. It can replace electric vacuum cleaners in places with compressed air.

2. The whole machine is connected by jumper wires, so that the machine acts as an equipotential body, leading static electricity into the ground and reducing the risk of explosion.

3. Use explosion-proof electrical boxes, explosion-proof motors, and explosion-proof electrical components to ensure safety and reliability.

4. The aluminum-plated anti-static filter cartridge is used to reduce the risk of explosion.

5. The machine is equipped with an explosion venting diaphragm or a flameless explosion venting device

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