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Dust Collection Solutions: Calendering


Calendering is a key step in battery manufacturing. It uses rollers to squash electrode materials, making them thicker, denser, and better at sticking together. This process is essential for improving the performance and reliability of electrodes, especially in lithium-ion batteries and similar energy storage devices.


During calendaring, here are the dust removal points and solutions:


Pre-Calendaring Dust Control for Sheets: Before calendaring, sheets often accumulate fine powders. Cleaning is typically done with brush methods and multi-point collection systems on both sheet surfaces.


Edge Trimming of Sheets: Trimming sheets' edges may produce dust and edge materials. A dust hood below the cutting blade and material receiving machine address this.


Roller Surface Cleaning: During calendaring, fine powders adhere to roller surfaces. Machines use scraper blades (plastic/metal) for cleaning, with attention to explosion-proof requirements.


Dust Generation from Coil Roll Cutting: Cutting coil rolls creates dust. Consider installing a dust extraction duct beneath the unwinding/winding platform.


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