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How to Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in an Industrial Environment?

Household vacuum cleaners are well-known to everyone and very convenient to use at home. They are much better than ordinary brooms and mops, and can easily suck up debris from floors, sofas, coffee tables, and beds with just a push. However, today we want to introduce another type of vacuum cleaner - industrial vacuum cleaner.

Understanding of industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are commonly used vacuum cleaners in industrial environments. The difference between industrial vacuum dust extractor and household vacuum cleaners is that it has a larger volume, are more robust, has a greater capacity for waste, has better quality parts, and has special cleaning functions.

Industrial vacuum cleaners have various models and specifications, and their structural performance and functional characteristics are not exactly the same, so attention should be paid to the selection. Industrial vacuum cleaners with different functions have slightly different roles, so blindly using industrial vacuum cleaners can affect the life of the vacuum cleaner and may cause safety issues. For example, dry industrial vacuum cleaners cannot be used to absorb water. Wet and dry integrated industrial vacuum cleaners should be used instead.

In industrial environments, there are many situations, and actually the dust on the ground is the most troublesome for factory workers. Dust is not easy to clean, and using a general vacuum cleaner can easily damage it after half an hour. In fact, it depends on the nature of the dust, the weight of the dust, and the acidity and alkalinity of the material being sucked to select the appropriate vacuum cleaner. Some dusts, such as flour and coal dust, constantly rub inside the vacuum cleaner to generate static electricity. The accumulation of static electricity charges easily leads to explosions. At this time, industrial vacuum cleaners with industrial explosion protection need to be used. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners have static electricity guidance configuration, with static electricity guidance as the main and anti-static as the auxiliary, to discharge static electricity charges from the inside of the vacuum cleaner, which solves the problem of ignition sources.

When choosing industrial vacuum cleaners, pay attention to the product characteristics

The primary technical standard for industrial vacuum cleaners is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. If the suction power of the industrial vacuum cleaner is insufficient, we cannot collect dust and achieve the goal of air purification. The application function of the vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking, the function of an industrial vacuum cleaner is never too much, but too many unnecessary functions may produce inconvenient operation methods. The product structural design, component tightness, appearance, etc. of industrial vacuum cleaners all affect the application effect. You can decide whether it is suitable for the customer's application scenario based on on-site testing.

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