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Top 4 Dust Collection Systems

When dealing with air pollution in any industry, you have to decide on one dust collection system that will effectively filter particles and release more sanitized air. Making this choice can be tasking because there are different dust collection systems to choose from, not to mention the number of specs you have to pore over. Won’t it be better if you can find a simplified review? All dust collection systems have a basic 5-step operational system but the way each step is handled is what makes the difference. Some industrial dust collectors are better suited to handle a particular kind of dust particle, therefore, this review focusing on the top 3 industrial dust collection system available.

Dust Collection Systems

1.Pulse Jet Dust Collectors:

What makes the pulse jet collector different is the dust collection and filter cleaning procedure. Air at high pressure is passed rapidly through the filter bag, which breaks off all the collected dust particles allowing them to fall off into a hopper. The system has two major advantages that make it widely adopted. The first is that the Pulse jet dust collectors can easily be customized to suit different purposes. The second is that, the filter cleaning process happens rapidly and repeatedly, therefore, it functions well with continuous industrial operations.

Dust Collection Systems

2. Shaker Dust Collectors

Shaker dust collectors work just like the name suggests. It uses a shaking mechanism in the filter cleansing process to get rid of trapped dust particles. This industrial dust collection system uses a baghouse that traps particles and shakes it off intermittently to get rid of the particles. This implies that the dust collection process will have to be paused while the baghouse is being cleaned. However, some shaker dust collectors are compartmentalized in such a way that while one baghouse continues to filter air, the other one is being cleaned.

3. Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone dust collectors get rid of dust with the movement of air in the collection chamber. The centrifugal force drives the air in a circular motion so that particles are made to stick to the wall of the chamber, and eventually fall into the hopper. This kind of dust collector is not enough to clean out smaller particles from the air, therefore, it is often used in industries whose operations displace larger sized particles. It is also used as a first step before a baghouse is used to trap smaller particles.

4. Explosion–proof Industrial Dust Collectors

Explosion-proof industrial dust collector is used for the collection and treatment of flammable and explosive dust, such as flour, short fiber, aluminum powder, aluminum alloy, etc., It is suitable for metal processing, wood working, laser application, food process and so on. Woodworking plant are an example of industries that use explosion-proof dust collectors to make sure safe production environment.

Dust Collection Systems

In conclusion, these four industrial dust collection systems are considered topmost because their applications cover a wide range of industries. They are therefore easy to adapt to a lot of systems. Setting up a dust collection system for your company should not be a hassle as long as you have the right source for purchase. Villo has several durable dust collectors some of which are even explosion-proof. Our collection can easily fit into the customized needs of your industries, your choice will only depend on what unique needs you have.