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Villo's Debut at InterBattery Concludes Successfully


Villo's booth at InterBattery 2024

InterBattery 2024, the largesting battery show in South Korea, took place from March 6th to 8th at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul. Villo Technology (here after Villo) debuted at this largesting battery show in South Korea, with its innovative explosion-proof dust removal solutions,  has attracted a lot of attention.

According to report, the 3-day exhibition has attracted the attendance of 579 companies from 18 countries and regions, marking its largest scale to date.


The InterBattery 2024 marking its largest scale to date

For years, Villo has been committed to the industrial dust removal field. With rich experience in serving top tier brands of lithium battery industry, Villo has developed tailored dust collection solutions to meet the sector's stringent demands. Their comprehensive offerings cover the entire lithium battery production process, ensuring both dust control and explosion protection needs are met.


Dust control solutions for the battery production are demonstrated via 3D models

Furthermore, Villo's display of the ATEX-certified series of explosion protection equipment at the exhibition has been a notable highlight. ATEX is an EU directive for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, highly recognized and authoritative in the industry.

Villo's ATEX-certified series products include dust collectors, vacuum cleaners, explosion protection devices, etc., suitable for various working conditions in lithium battery production.


Villo ATEX-certified Series Products

Notably, the horizontally designed ATEX-certified dust collector garnered significant interest for its ease of maintenance and enhanced production efficiency. Equipped with ATEX-certified explosion relief panels and flameless venting devices, it ensures extra protection for safe production in lithium battery environments and become a popular model of Villo.


Villo ATEX Certified Horizontal Installation Dust Collector

Villo's commitment extends beyond product quality to providing timely local services. In 2023, the company authorized Korean brand operator Geonic to establish a technical service center in South Korea, offering comprehensive support to Korean customers. Spanning 500 square meters, the Villo Korea Technical Service Center is situated in Gyeonggi-do. 


Villo Korea Technical Service Center

As the global demand for renewable energy and energy storage solutions continues to rise, Villo remains dedicated to contributing to sustainable development and zero-carbon goals.

Following the successful participation in Japan's Smart Energy Week and the South Korea's InterBattery, Villo will continue their global presence at the Battery Show Europe in Germany in June and The Battery Show USA in October. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


Villo & Geonic Team at InterBattery

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