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Why You Should Choose Villo Industrial Dust Collector

If you own an industrial, you know well how much dust is emitted into the air. The dust emitted is a very serious threat to the workers and the quality of the products. Hence the dust needs to be dealt with immediately. Special machines are used to eliminate dust from industries, i.e., industrial dust collector, which is a very powerful dust collection machine. If you are looking for a guide to help you buy the best industrial dust collector for your industry, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you why you should choose Villo industrial dust collector.

How do industrial dust collectors work?

An industrial dust collector is a high-capacity air pollution controlling equipment. Its main function is to purify the air, thus eliminating harmful dust particles from the air. The working principle behind an industrial dust collector system is easy to understand. How does an industrial dust collector work? An industrial dust collector passes the polluted air through a filter, which captures the harmful dust particles, and then the cleaned air is sent back to the working environment. The dust is collected in collectors and then processed. A basic setup of an industrial dust collector includes a blower, dust filter, dust receptacle, dust storage and removing system.

 Villo Industrial Dust Collector

Which industries can industrial dust collectors be applied to?

An industrial dust collecting system is widely used in different industries. An industrial dust collector is used for various applications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Tin packaging operations

  • CCL operations

  • Capacitance spray operations

  • Spraying production line operations

  • Ceramic raw embryo processing

  • Welding smoke purification

  • Multi-site centralized dust conditions

  • Polishing workshops

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Metal fabrication

  • Woodworking

  • Agriculture

As you can see, the range of applications of an industrial dust collector is very vast. Regardless of the type of your industry, you should buy an industrial dust collector.

Top 5 benefits of Villo industrial dust collector (VH – Z Series Large Air Flow Type Central Dust Collector)

Only the right type of industrial dust collector can offer you the benefits. It is always wise to listen to what the expert says and do your research before choosing an industrial dust collector. As an experienced person in the field, I highly recommend the Villo industrial dust collector. VH-Z series is a large airflow type central dust collector, which is equipped with a pulse jet self-cleaning filter mechanism and vertical installation of the filter cartridge. Here are some of the advantages of the VH-Z series.

 Villo Industrial Dust Collector

1.Explosion-proof version

VH-Z series has an explosion-proof version, which is specifically designed for industries that are prone to fire.

2.Dust concentration detector

The industrial dust collector is also equipped with a dust concentration detector, which gives you accurate readings about the intensity of dust. Based on these readings, you can filter the air to make the environment safe for the workers.

3.The pulse-jet cleaning method for the filter makes a machine work continuously.

The pulse-jet cleaning method for the filter helps you work continuously without taking any breaks. It can handle a large amount of air volume at the time. This kind of industrial dust collector is suitable for industries that emit a large amount of dust into the air.

 Villo Industrial Dust Collector

4.Tank level alarm

The industrial dust collector is equipped with a tank level alarm that notifies you when the tank gets full. The tank needs to be emptied after the alarm.

5.HEPA filter

The filter material is polyester with PTFE coated, which can filter 99.9% dust at 0.3 microns. It allows you to filter the air with amazing speed and with great efficiency.


Out of the many industrial dust collector manufacturers, Villo is considered the most reliable dust collector supplier. Villo manufactures the highest quality industrial equipment that is recommended by top industries from all around the world. Villo focuses on industrial clients to provide competitive dust removal solutions that can keep the harmful dust away and improve workers’ health. Villo’s products are reliable, durable, premium quality, stable, easy to operate, and powerful. So contact us today and buy the highest quality products at the lowest price.

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