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Villo's Explosion Vent Panels obtained ATEX Examination Certificate


Explosion Vent Panel

Villo's PFF series explosion vents panel recently obtained ATEX's EU-type examination certificate, a testimony that the design and construction of the vent are in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU, a mandatory requirement for manufacturers in the European Union to enable products or protective system designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


What is explosion vent panel?


An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, mist or dust when mixed with air during processing, handling or storage operations. A rapid rise in pressure occurs in the containing structure, and if it is not of adequate strength to withstand the deflagration pressure, extensive damage and injury to personnel can occur.


An explosion vent, also called a rupture panel, is a pressure relief device designed to protect buildings or equipment by releasing an explosion through the non-fragmenting vent thus eliminating any catastrophic overpressure. In addition to their safety functionality, they are popular because they are cost-effective, easy to install and require no maintenance.


All dust collectors (bag, envelope bag, or cartridge style), receivers, and vacuum units, after the dust is tested and analyzed, may be fitted with explosion vents as a means of explosion protection. Usually, vents are the least expensive solution.


Villo’s ATEX family


Besides the PFF explosion vents, Villo’s VJFGB Dust Collectors, VZSB vacuum cleaners and EIFV explosion isolation valve are also recognized by TUV for their meeting the ATEX directives.

About Envsafe Explosion Protection System


In response to stricter requirements for managing combustible dust fires and explosions globally, Villo invested over $8 million to build Envsafe Testing Center in Eastern China in 2018. As the first and only private Combustible Dust Testing Lab accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity), Envsafe has developed and tested a series explosion proof system and products of national and international standards, including the ATEX family products of Villo.


As a leading provider of industrial dust removal solution, Villo has exported over 100,000 installation to over 150 countries and areas globally, to help manufactures to solve their dust, fume and mist collection challenges and thus produce dustless and safely. For more information or inquiries, please contact us!

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