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Which Industries are Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Suitable for?

Dust and other environmental pollution have caused enormous harm to human physical and mental health. With the increasing awareness of health, industrial vacuum cleaners have played an increasingly important role in various types of dust and garbage management. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, industrial vacuum cleaners are more efficient and effective in helping many production-oriented enterprises improve their production environment and reduce costs. Therefore, the application industry is becoming more and more extensive.

The operating principle of industrial vacuum cleaners

The operating principle of industrial vacuum cleaners: the air inside the machine is drawn out by a fan or air pump, so that there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the machine, which is called negative pressure. The higher the negative pressure, the stronger the suction power. The vacuum cleaner is actually a simple mechanical device, mainly driven by a swirl pump or fan to pump air. After the debris enters the machine through the suction nozzle and suction tube, it first enters a non-woven fabric bag for primary filtration. After that, the air carrying small dust passes through a special filter for secondary filtration, and then is discharged through the fan exhaust port. The filtering efficiency can reach more than 99%.

Industries suitable for industrial vacuum cleaners

Textile industry

Textile enterprises produce a large amount of waste such as cotton wool, fur, thread, cloth strips, and fiber dust in the production process. If not cleaned for a long time, it will not only harm the physical and mental health of workers, but also cause equipment failure. These need to be effectively cleaned with professional industrial vacuum cleaners.

Grinding industry

The grinding industry can be roughly divided into automobile grinding, floor grinding, wall grinding, furniture grinding, metal grinding, etc., depending on different working conditions. Any grinding working condition will produce various dust pollution, which not only causes environmental pollution but also harm to human health. Therefore, industrial vacuum dust removal equipment is essential.

Mechanical processing industry

Common mechanical processing includes sheet metal, lathe, grinding machine, milling, cutting tools, CNC lathes, drilling machines, metal laser cutting, etc. During the production and manufacturing process, they will produce various debris, metal particles, dust, smoke, oil stains, etc., which will directly affect the environment of the production workshop and have a certain impact on the physical health of workers, as well as the quality of processing equipment and materials. Nowadays, there are a large number of mechanical processing factories of different sizes and scales, but they all need to use industrial vacuum cleaners to solve the environmental problems in the production workshop.

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