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Dust Collection Solutions: Tab Welding

Tab welding involves attaching metal tabs or connectors to battery electrodes. 

This process includes multilayer tabs welding and the welding of tabs to the electrodes. 

Tab welding is commonly carried out using ultrasonic welding or laser welding.

Ultrasonic welding showing in this video is a non-thermal welding method that fuses metals by generating frictional heat through high-frequency vibrations. 


Ultrasonic welding generates relatively less smoke and dust.

While laser welding involves a high-energy laser beam, producing sparks and significant dust.

Since the dust contains copper and aluminum, explosion protection is necessary to consider for tab laser welding.

Villo specifically equips laser welding processes with a custom-designed Inert Powder Feeder to mitigate the risk of explosions. 


Anti-static filter cartridges are also applied for explosion-proof measures.


The pulse-jet auto-cleaning system is employed to prevent filter blockages, ensuring efficient dust removal.

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